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You're Never Too Young to Make an Impact

And we are now back with another exciting Cadversity Blog post!

This week's edition is VASTLY different than our normal editions. We are here to express that today’s generation is proving to be intelligent, articulate, and passionate about their beliefs and future in today’s society. We hope this post will spark a great discussion with our younger audience as a form of inspiration or a reminder of what you may already know.


Just take a glance at modern history, and you can see from the front lines of every movement that you will find young people as the voices at the very heart of it. Whether it's social issues and/or environmental change, every generation's younger crowd will most likely be the largest demographic to help spread the cause. Now, with the addition of social media, their voices have become more widespread around the world, creating a massive difference and new meaning of activism when compared to previous generations.

Digital Knowledge/Tech Development

Remember that this new generation is the first to grow up in an entirely digital world. They have always lived with the Internet, and many have never lived without access to the Internet in their home. Coding and software tech skills are taught in schools, young adults can develop their online personalities on multiple social platforms, and more young folks are creating and growing their own businesses with the assistance of many online tools and services.

Knowing Your Surroundings

As you may be starting your first year at college, a full-time job, and/or even taking your first steps to be an entrepreneur, it’s very crucial to recognize and become familiar with those around you. This does not necessarily have to only be physical locations, but having supportive friends, colleagues, and mentors making these common settings in your daily life more comfortable. Being a young adult is a great time for exploring new passions for yourself and understanding what makes you happy to wake up out of bed. And with all new experiences, there are bound to be mistakes, and it's good to be aware of these imminent failures at a young age. You may feel uncomfortable, disappointed, and/or lost, but that's just reality giving us challenges and it's how we react to them that will determine the outcome.

See you on next week's post!

All the Best,

Team Cadversity

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