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3 Winning Product Development Tips

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

First and foremost, welcome to the Cadversity Blog!

Each week, we post a unique blog article highlighting some of the latest #innovations and #challenges in product development, design, modeling, & more.

Sometimes, we'll get a little bit loose with things and review a good book the team's been reading or a crazy internal story.

Anyways - this week, we stumbled across an article titled "The 3 Biggest Roadblocks in Product Development."

That's a beast of a title, and while some of the stuff covered is fairly subjective, we seem to agree on the following things:

  1. Keeping simple stupid is key.

I don't know about you, but I like my filet mignon with some salt, maybe some paprika to brown the edges & a little butter or bone marrow.

As soon as you start adding crazy sauces & flavor injections with titles like "Cow's Demise" or "Big Barbeque Brothers" in the mix, I'm wondering why I've bought such an overwhelming $40 steak.

The same principle applies to product design!

It's paramount that one focuses on core criteria & constraints in releasing an MVP (minimum viable product).

Yes, aesthetics, form, and market tonality are very important, but dialing back on unnecessary features saves EXORBITANT amounts of time & money.

At Cadversity, we don't question what to add or delete when you upload your files to our free quote tool.

As much as us engineers would LOVE to bounce your ideas off the wall until the universe's ultimate expansion or destruction - that's out of place, and out of pocket.

Applying the same principles to your team's internal meetings saves a world of hassle.

2. Break apart your design lessons.

If I had a penny for every time I've tried to address 10 design issues in the same 5-minute time span, I'd be Jeff Bezos.

Working one step at a time sucks, but you've gotta embrace the suck.

The reality is, if every design obstacle could be solved in tandem, we'd have either unlocked the world's most evolutionary automation AI or Tesla would be the first company worth $1 quintillion.

Make sure you're fitting in your design reviews, but also make sure your design reviews are fitting in.

At Cadversity, when we encounter an error on your project, 99% of the time it's a rectifiable, internal software-related conundrum that we pick up the pieces on.

After you open a quote with us, we communicate all roadblocks immediately over the phone and by email, the moment of. We also make sure not to overwhelm by addressing point by point.

One step at a time.

3. Bring it all to the table.

Considering the last point, this seems like an oxymoron - but the difference lies in content vs. features.

Having too many features can be a detriment - but it's never a bad thing to bring all content forward to your partners, clients, & manufacturers.

With our free quote tool, you can upload up to 10 files - which can be 10 individual .ZIP folders with hundreds of files each - and our quoting system tailors to the specifics of each upload.

We encourage as many napkin sketches and whiteboard screenshots as possible. Fully formative drawings are cool too, but not necessary. If we could assign GPAs, that'd be a 4.0 effort.

We'll draw directly from the article for the advice here:

"Provide what you think are too many samples, prototypes, drawings and documentation of critical tolerances and required quality."

And with that, hopefully you've enjoyed your first Cadversity blog read and gleamed insight into how we've thought through some key product development insights!

Check back next week for more!


Your Cadversity Family

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